Moo'n River Dexter Cattle

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Beef Ordering Information


All beef orders are taken to a USDA inspected processing facility. The purchaser will be able to contact the processing facility after payment on the hanging weight is received. At that time you will be given options on the specific cuts and weight of the individual packages.

Our prices are for beef only. Wrapping and cutting fees will be paid by buyer at 52 cents/pound.

Some of the cuts that are included:
Sirloin Steaks
T Bone Steaks
Round Tip
Cube Steak
Ground Beef
Stew meat
Prime Rib
Variety of Roasts

At times we have older beef that we will sell at a discounted price. Our prime beef is sold at 18 -24 months. There is nothing wrong with the older animal. It is how we manage the herd.

For questions concerning our beef sales or cattle please contact us at: